Dr. Del Pino

Dr. Del Pino was born and raised in Upstate NY. She grew up with cats, ducks, a dog, and lots of access to the outdoors. She rode horses for most of her childhood and she was fascinated by wildlife. As a kid, she wanted to be a wildlife biologist like her inspiration Jane Goodall. She went to Cornell University to continue her studies in animal sciences. She participated in an internship with the San Diego zoo studying disease in tortoises. The following year she worked at a primate research center in Panama. During her research, she discovered how important animal care was and its impacts on individual animals. Inspired to become a veterinarian she attended Colorado State University for veterinary school. Her favorite part of veterinary medicine is the bond humans share with their pets.

At home, she has a cat named Paul who is her trusty sidekick. When she is not working, she loves to get outside. If she could choose a second career, she would be a snowboard instructor and she has a dream of biking across the USA.